Who is going to teach you


I’m a learner of English (34 years), a teacher of EFL (28 years) and a teacher trainer for TEFL (14 years) and CALL (10 years). I believe computers can generally be put to a very good use in language learning and teacher training, especially through online dialogue and collaboration. This is why when you become my student, you have every chance of experiencing online intercultural exchanges between universities, blended tutoring and flipped class. As a human being (which I am, too), I’m a bookworm, a lover of TV series, a fan of mathematics and mathematical thinking as well as an amateur roller-skater.

Anna Turula


I have been in the teaching profession for over 20 years now and I consider myself very lucky to do such a creative job, with prospects for constant growth, and where I genuinely feel that what I do is meaningful. My professional motto is: Inspiration – Innovation – Development and this is what my students (hopefully) get out of my classes. From time to time I feel like escaping from reality and this is when I read or watch films based on British literature and history. I am particular about keeping fit – I cook healthy meals and regularly do yoga.

Joanna Pitura


As a language teacher and a teacher trainer I stick to the golden rule of walk the talk or practise what you preach. My courses are student-centred and designed to promote the hands-on approach which gives all participants an opportunity to put the newly-gained skills and knowledge to practice. Peer learning and mastery learning combined with task and project based approaches guarantee lively and intellectually stimulating educational experience, both in a brick and mortar and online environments.

Łukasz Olesiak

ewaI started learning English ages ago (1975), I’ve been teaching it ages too (26 years). It has been EFL, Methods, grammar. I can apply my Methods of Teaching knowledge into practice, and talk about my practice in the Methods classes, as well as instruct other teachers during teacher training sessions. I am convinced that teaching is a vocation, and I strongly stand on the grounds that teachers serve who they teach. As a great fan of gamification and new technologies I believe that they help to maintain both sides motivation to work and learn. In my classes I would like to inspire/help/guide you when creating projects to show that fun and joy may be present in teaching. But I would also like to be inspired by you. I am a traveller (in love with Spain), a film maniac, a music lover, a Spanish language student, a Camino de Santiago pilgrim, and… a good listener.

Ewa Zarzycka-Piskorz